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GPS: S 40.19.215 W 071.22.186

Situated in the Lanín National Park on the banks of the river Rio Hermoso sorrunded on a calm native woods. Unique views, aromas and wild sounds make this hotel an exclusive place for those who are looking for privacy, comfort and close contact with patagonia nature.

How to arrive:
Leaving the airport take Route 40 (ex route 234) in direction to San Martin de los Andes, through the city and continue on Route 40 (seven lakes). After travelling 25 km on a winding road you must cross a bridge over the Rio Hermoso and arrive at the junction with route 63 or Cordoba step. At this junction take route 63 towards the Meliquina Lake and after 1 km away on the Bank of the River, you will find the Hotel.

S 40.19.215 W 071.22.186

Hotel Map

Distances from Río Hermoso Hotel to:
- San Martín de los Andes: by RN40, 28 km
- Cerro Chapelco: by RN40, 24.2 km
- Aeropuerto Chapelco, 51.5 km /54´
- Bariloche: by RN40, 165 km
- Villa La Angostura: by RN40, 82.4 km
- Chile, Paso Intern. Mamuil Malal, 139 Km
- Chile, Paso Intern. Cardenal Samoré, 103 Km
- Buenos Aires, 1,594 km

By plane:
From Buenos Aires to Chapelco Airport: 1.55 h
AIRLINES: Aerolíneas Argentinas
Argentine Pesos, Euros, Dollars, American Express, Visa and MasterCard cards are welcome as well as Traveller's Checks.

Tips are not included in the Hotel rate.

Summer: From December 21st to March 20th (High and mid season)
Fall: From March 21st to June 20th (Low season)
Winter: From June 21st to September 20th (High and mid season)
Spring: From September 21st to December 20th (Low season)

Flyfishing Season
From november to april.
Patagonia offers many exciting opportunities to fish. We can help you to managing your fishing license to enjoy Patagonia's great outdoor fishing opportunities.
English, portuguese and Spanish are the most frequently used in the Hotel.
Pets are not allowed in the Hotel.
Smoke free:
Rio Hermoso remains committed to achieving a smoke-free environment in all the enclosed areas within the facility without exception.